Clinical guideline

Brain tumour symptomatology can be non-specific and can mimic other common childhood illnesses.

The Diagnosis of Brain Tumours in Children guideline was initially written following evidence that many children in the UK were experiencing a prolonged total diagnostic interval (time from symptom onset to diagnosis; TDI). Improved guidance for healthcare professionals has had an impact on this timeframe, enabling earlier diagnosis - TDI has decreased from over 13 weeks when the original guideline was written to 6.5.

Clinical guideline V2 (revision of V1, published 2016)

This guideline has the support of the RCPCH following a rigorous assessment of the guideline development methodology and a full endorsement is expected upon completion of a full stakeholder consultation.


Clinical guideline V1 (published 2008)

This is the original Diagnosis of Brain Tumours in Children guideline on which the HeadSmart campaign is based.