Layla-mae's story

Layla-mae's story

Layla-mae was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2013 after more than a year of health problems including seizures, memory loss, vomiting, headaches and blurred vision.

Layla-mae first became ill in 2012.

She had multiple seizures, including one which lasted more than three hours, but a CT scan showed nothing obviously wrong. Doctors said it was an infection in her brain.

However, her health continued to deteriorate.

Clare said: “She was losing her memory and becoming weaker down one side. Then her personality started to change – she became very aggressive and angry.

“I knew there was something seriously wrong but no-one would take me seriously. They kept saying it was epilepsy and nothing else."

Eventually, after 12 months and three cancelled appointments, Layla-mae had an MRI scan at the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital in Cardiff. The scan revealed a brain tumour.

It was devastating but at the same time I was so angry and also relieved that finally we knew what was wrong. I don't think I had enough room for all of the emotions I felt at that moment.

- Claire, Layla-mae's mum

Surgeons removed the growth but a follow-up scan in April this year showed more abnormal tissue in her brain.

The tumour is believed to be slow-growing but Layla-Mae will have further tests in January to assess whether she should have further treatment or surgery.