Molly's story

Molly's story

Molly was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016 after doctors dismissed her symptoms as an ear infection and stress.

Molly's first symptoms came in the form a headache that lasted for a few days. Molly's parents, Richard and Jane said; “We all thought she'd had a virus. About a week later, Molly complained about bumping into the walls at school and feeling off balance, dizzy and sick.

“We took her to the doctor who thought she might have some sort of inner ear infection and he prescribed her travel and motion sickness tablets."

Over the next few weeks Molly's symptoms continued.

“Her main symptoms most days were occasional headaches, nausea (so she didn't eat a great deal) and dizziness, sometimes mild, some days severe. A bad attack, would mean she would start retching and then have to lie on the floor because any movement started the nausea."

Jane and Richard took her back to the doctors who thought she might still have an ear infection.

“He also thought she might be suffering from stress as she was studying for her GCSE's at the time."

It wasn't until Molly's parents took her to Rochdale's Urgent Care Unit that doctors there referred her for an MRI scan which revealed a cancerous brain tumour.

Molly had an operation three days later and the family went to Jacksonville, Florida, for Molly to receive proton beam therapy.

The family have since returned to the UK and Molly is now stable. She received seven A*s and four A grades in her GCSEs!