Sophie's story

Sophie's story

Sophie was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012 after weeks of symptoms including headaches, lethargy, mood swings and co-ordination problems. She died less than a year later at the age of nine.

Sophie's symptoms began in the winter of 2011, when she complained of headaches while exercising and lost her enthusiasm for sport.

A GP referred her for heart scan to check for cardiac abnormalities but before her appointment her family noticed further changes to her personality.

Lisa said: “She seemed to become depressed, fatigued and lacked confidence. By January 2012 we were very worried. We discussed our concerns with the GP and again a week later with the cardiology consultant who referred Sophie to a neurologist."

However, Sophie's condition then deteriorated so dramatically that her parents took her to their local A&E department out of desperation.

Their worst fears were realised when a scan revealed a large brain tumour.

Surgeons took out as much of the tumour as possible but Sophie's health was damaged further when she suffered a stroke during the operation.

Five days later the family was told Sophie's tumour could not be cured, but she embarked on a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy before bravely returning to school for a short time.

Her condition began to deteriorate again towards the end of 2012 and she died in a children's hospice on December 27 that year.

The family set up the Sophie's Smile Fund, which has raised more than £80,000 so far for The Brain Tumour Charity.